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Industry: Accountants & Bookkeepers



How to build and design an Accountants website without it being the usual stuffy, boring and same feel like every other accountant site AND still get an image of an elephant into the design as well (client requirement)?

Answer look at Taxave. The site has a very modern and clean approach which accountant sites tend to lack. It opens up the look and feel of the business which deals with every industry regardless if they are a Corporate, Limited, SME or micro business – even start-ups are fully catered for.

Although the site looks basic it is in fact a lot of work due to making the design as clean as it is. Being able to get across the right message without bombarding the reader with unnecessary dialogue and technical jargon.

The industry might sound dull (Taxave certainly are not), but this site brings the company and the word accounting to life!


  • WordPress CMS
  • Modern clean design – with Parallax coding
  • Megamenu application
  • Online appointment booking
  • The ability for clients to leave a review
  • Content writing
  • Social media integration
  • Incorporated an elephant into the design

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