Top 5 Instagram Hacks for Business

5 instagram hacks for business

You may not have considered Instagram for your business and many still see this as a young platform rather than one that should be taken seriously. As it is currently owned and connected with Facebook, this platform has seen a sharp rise in influencers and businesses using it to build brand and followers.

So, if you are new to the Instagram game, and would like some top ideas to get your going, here then are my Top Instagram hacks for your business:

Make your profile image stand out

Whilst it may sound like an idea to have a nice photo of you or your business logo,, try adding a colourful background and make your profile shine. Accounts with an eye-catching profile image are up to 45% more likely to capture peoples eye and start following you.

Follow the followers

Find your competitors/influencers within your market sphere and start to follow their followers. These followers already have a vested interest in these accounts so will be more willing to follow similar accounts too. Also, check your competitors/influencers and see what they are posting and how often….It will be more than once a day!

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tell a story

Rather than just post an image and a few hashtags to go with it, give some details around the image. Why did you post it, what influenced the image, what meaning does it have for you? Try and tell a story to engage users to read the post and encourage them to comment on it too.

Rename the name

So is your name field just your name? If so change it as this field is actually used as part of keyword searches within Instagram. In my example, I have added my first name and the keyword to my business. You are restricted to the number of characters in the field, but if you can, also include your location.

ideal instagram profile

Don’t just like, Comment

It is easy to just like someone else’s post but this does little for you. So instead comment on posts and ask a question of the poster within your comment. This way you encourage dialogue and build a rapport with other users.

Top Tip – Comment on a post a number of days after the post was uploaded. The main reason is by this time most people will have finished commenting on it and yours will be the newest one at the top. PLUS the poster will see your comment and more likely to respond to it if they have not had any comments on the post for a few days


It is worth taking the time to play with Instagram and who knows, you may even have some fun with it too. Do not be put off by what others are doing, just create your own style and start taking your business to the masses.

One final tip – use to create your posts to the right size and format – they have the templates on that site ready for you to start using right away


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