The decline of online businesses (Whats going wrong?)

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mistake 1966448 640

The decline of online businesses (Whats going wrong?)

If like me, over the years you have collected or been given business cards from those you meet at networking events, social gatherings and so on.

In over a decade of networking with businesses in groups such as BNI, I must have collected enough business cards to start my own business card factory and is a little surprise a find a box of business cards in my desk last week from a number of events I attended to just over 18 months or so.

Intrigued, I wanted to see how these businesses are doing. The business sector of cards I had was a very broad spectrum from Insurance brokers through to IT professionals, Health and Wellness through to Motor Mechanics.

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So I went through all 57 of the cards, owners whom I have met and be kind enough to present me with their cards to see how they are doing – the results, to be frank, are shocking!

  • 16 still have websites but are not secure – this tells me that they have not and currently not being looked after by their web company.
  • 15 are no longer in business and have closed their doors (remember this is within 18 months)
  • 16 have no websites or online presence of any kind. To be honest I can’t even say that they are even still in business and I strongly suspect that they are not.
  • 10 have secure websites and are still in operation to this day (or certainly as I write this article)

This in itself highlights the issues that many business owners have. They are not sure who to turn to for advice, what actually works for them, not being supported and when things go wrong, have no one to turn to for guidance.

However, if you think those stats are poor then look at the following information I gathered from ALL those that have websites:

  • 2 Had some kind of offer all Call to Action on their site
  • None had any headlines or reason why visitors should be contacting them for their services
  • None had any form of automation
  • None had a lead magnet or reason to capture peoples information
  • None had any Facebook pixel setup or any kind of retargeting.

This is the warning signs for all those sites that have a presence but not doing anything with it. Having a website without the correct marketing on it is like having a shop without any signage and the door firmly closed.

Re-visit your online presence and if you want help and advice on how to ensure you are going in the right direction then call me today!


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