The 5 biggest website maintenance mistakes that business owners make

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Your website is a lot like your car, you’ve invested a lot into it and it’s important that you keep it maintained for it to continue to run smoothly. So what practices do you have in place to ensure that if the worst happens you still have your website working?

After all, if your site crashes and you are not protected, you could easily go without any online presence for weeks even months before things are resolved. In that time how much business would you lose?

Here are 5 mistakes people make when it comes to maintaining their website:

  • Mistake 1: Doing nothing – The most common mistake that business owners make. Perhaps they’re choosing to do nothing because they don’t “see the value” in a Care Plan. They may have worked with someone who didn’t clearly express how important a Care Plan was to their business.
  • Mistake 2: Relying on their hosting company for backups – Don’t rely on a hosting company for backups. They aren’t specialists when it comes to website maintenance. Most hosting companies do not offer backups or if they do, it is limited and normally only a monthly option. Maybe that sounds fine, but if you are running a site with a lot of changes such as adding in blog articles or having an eCommerce store, you would end up losing all your work even recent client order details if your site is not managed daily. 

    It is also worth noting that hosting companies tend to back up on the same server as your website. So if that server crashes…BANG goes your website AND all your backups too!
  • Mistake 3: No disaster recovery plan – So what would you do if your site crashed right now and you have no plan in place? The worst case is that your site will need to be rebuilt from scratch leaving you with no online presence for weeks even months. You might get lucky and your hosting company did a backup 3 weeks ago, but you still have to wait for your web team to go through the site, put back everything you have lost and again this can take weeks costing you money!An example of this happened to one of my clients last month. Their site crashed due to a plugin that was not compatible with the latest version of WordPress (even though the plugin dev guys said it was) and caused the site to fall over. Lucky for them they had one of our care plans, with the latest backup only 12 hours old and within 10mins their site was fully restored and working!
  • Mistake 4: Trying to do everything themselves – It’s a common trait for business owners to try and do everything themselves. Life is much easier for business owners who can let go.Letting someone else carry out the maintenance work will save you time. What could you do with this time?
  • Mistake 5: Lacking expertise – Most business owners (or their employees) do not have the experience to look after their own websites. A lot of business owners feel like they might “have a go” at it, but do they really know what the buttons they’re pressing mean? It’s a dangerous game of digital Buckaroo.

Why not take a look at our Care Plan options and talk to me today on how these can save you time, money and the assurance of peace of mind, that your online business is protected and safe.

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