Sell more with the Know, Like, Trust principal.

Know Like Trust

When it comes to selling, there is one undeniable fact you should never forget. People buy from those they trust. Think about it for a second. When you are shopping online, whom do you buy from? Why did you buy from them and what made you decide to hit the add to cart button once there?

The know, like, trust factor

The simple fact is that for whatever reason you trusted the site and those that run it to deliver your product or service and it is the same principle that you have to adapt to your online business. It does not matter if you have an eCommerce store or a service site where people enquire, the process is the same – create trust and people buy.


The first step is the know – people very rarely buy on impulse, and with the internet providing so much information, it is very easy and quick to find out about a business online.

The best form of ‘know’ is a recommendation or word of mouth. People only recommend someone that they trust and have dealt with. This is why groups such as BNI work so well. Having a trusted referral network of friends, family and customers behind you help build that initial trust.

So with your online presence having testimonials (especially video ones), a video intro of yourself on Facebook continued daily posting all helps. When it comes to posting think about what your customers want. They do not want to be bombarded with SALES and instead opt for the advice and how to style posts. This will greatly increase you as the goto person in your field.


The next step is the ‘like’ – your audience is not only aware of you now, but they also relate to you. Your audience might start to interact with you more on social media. They will start engaging with and sharing posts or reaching out to ask you questions. They will be eager to learn more about you.

This requires you to be ‘transparent’ in your business. IF you can relate to your audience, understand their issues and able to deliver a solution that meets this, then you are starting to build a rapport – your audience now starts to become your fan base.


When a customer trusts you, they are ready to buy from you. They will be far more inclined to recommend you to others too. They will be a loyal fan. When your customers trust you, they will be the first to engage with and share your content. They won’t hesitate to purchase from you repeatedly.

Remember, it is easier to upsell to an existing client than it is to get and sell to a new one. So look after and care for your clients giving them the best ideas and really hand-holding them through your journey together.


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