The 5 point checklist for project success

checklist for project success

The 5 point checklist for project success

Communication and understanding is key to any project success. With the onset of Zoom becoming more accepted these days, it would suggest that much of the communication issue has been resolved.

However, there are other business tools which you can easily bring about which will help with communication and also reduce misunderstanding.

One of these tools is used during our web builds. An online project system that allows the client to click on a point on the site and write a comment/change request which is then emailed to me. Subsequent changes or comments can also be added creating an easy workflow and project management process.

Follow this simple checklist for project success where communication is central to its success.

  1. Roles and responsibilities – This one might seem obvious, but it’s integral to the project running smoothly. Often there is a breakdown of role requirements when you’re not clear in the beginning. Avoid delegating tasks to the wrong people. Equally as important, don’t end up taking on tasks you don’t need to do!
  2. Vision – Have a clear vision that everybody working on the project understands. Make sure that each individual involved knows exactly what the end goal is, and what it will entail.
  3. Budget – Having a clear budget is crucial. You might want to allow for some wiggle room where unforeseen changes crop up during the project. Make sure everybody agrees on this.
  4. Timeline & scope – Having clear timelines and milestones in place before any work starts is crucial to a project running well. It’s vital that you communicate the scope of work with people on the team. If the scope of work changes, review your timeline and change where necessary. Too often this is forgotten when a quick change is made, resulting in deadlines being missed.
  5. Scheduled check-in – This is a vital point. Communication is key, and if you have scheduled meetings to check in with everyone, you can pinpoint any potential roadblocks or concerns your team might be dealing with. These meetings give you all the opportunity to share, and to listen, to make sure you’re still on the same page.

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