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content ideas for websites

One questions I’m asked a lot, regardless if it is to do with blogging or podcasting is ‘what should I write/talk about?’

The thing is EVERY business has something that they can share and more often it’s the same thing they repeat over and over again. Yet content does not have to be difficult and getting rid of content block or writer’s block is actually easy. Consider the following areas that you could use when it comes to creating content for your website/online marketing:

  • How to‘s – these are great ways to show visitors how to do something or how to complete a process i.e. How to create an email signature.
  • Support help and advise – guide your users around your support and the issues they may get.
  • Latest news – this could be within your business sector and a great way to give users a head’s up on upcoming industry changes
  • Reviews & Guides – Personally I love these. Do your own review on a product, book or service
  • Interviews – Consider interviewing someone in your industry or a client. These can add as case studies, testimonials and also gives readers an insight into your business.

Right at the start, I mentioned you might find yourself repeating yourself. For example, you might find a number of clients asking the same question and in these cases, I will write or podcast about it and provide this back to the user. For tutorials on how to do something then more often I will create a quick Youtube video on our channel.

Above all you need to be is consistent on when you are going to deliver your content so your audience knows when to expect it. An example of this is with my podcasting channel I actually say in the channel that new content will be uploaded every Friday. Once you make that commitment, stick to it!

Having a clear goal for what you want to do with your content is a must. Are you looking to increase your brand or to make it easier for your customers to find information for example? Back to our Youtube channel, the content on there might seem a little hectic, but it is designed for our clients and users looking to find information on how to do something quickly without needing to do any extensive searching. It has the added benefit that the content is searchable and indexed for anyone which increases our brand.

Two key elements, especially when it comes to blog posts and that is getting the right amount of content on there. Remember you are not writing a novel so anything from 250 to 500 words is often more than enough and will give the reader about 3 to 5 min reading time.

Secondly, you can add to the content in more detail by creating a podcast episode and embedding this into the blog post (see above). This means you can go into a lot more detail about the post and bring in your own thoughts and additional ideas at the same time.

Write first and edit later – Do you know what the hardest thing is about publishing a book? Writing it in the first place. One top tip is simply this – write the content down first, edit second. You will save time and allows you to change around the written feel and direction if need be when you are proof reading.

Record it – I do not necessarily mean physically recording your ideas but making a diary of topics that you want to do content on over the coming months is a great idea.

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