5 Ways you can Encourage Local Reviews

how to get google trustpilot reviews

Reviews on websites work, how do I know? Well two reasons.

Firstly, I personally read reviews on sites before purchasing anything these days. Reviews on Amazon for example have influenced how I purchased and from whom. Secondly, because I have Google reviews on my website and these have directly attributed to inquiries and even sales

Besides, getting a review is a great way to boost your confidence and is almost like getting a virtual pat on the back

There is however a big problem with reviews and regardless if you are using systems such as Google, Trustpilot or another online system, the problem remains the same – getting people to leave reviews in the first place!

Your customer can generally be too busy in their day to leave reviews and so the best time to get them is between the moment of purchase or within the first 24 hours.

The following are my top 5 tips to getting client reviews

  1. Include a card with their purchase – This tends to be more with physical product purchases rather than digital. A card is a great way to ask for feedback there and then. The downside of course is that it is not online, however, having a web address on the card with an incentive such as a discount on their next purchase if they leave a review tends to work.
  2. Email them- Yes I know this sounds simple but just asking for a review direct does work –
    after all, if you do not ask then you won’t get! Ask your client if they are willing to leave a review and to include the link within the email. If you have an online store you can include this within your follow up emails after the customer has made a purchase. 
  3. Conversation – Directly asking for a review from a client also works – regardless if you are talking to them on the phone or online such as Zoom, just asking can prompt them to do a review. My advice would be to follow this up with an email after the conversation with the appropriate links.
  4. Ask for feedback – This is gold and one of the simplest way of getting reviews. Again the downside here is that they are not online, but you can add them to your website. Simply create a feedback form (google forms is great for this) and send this to a new customer asking for feedback on their recent experience with you. I tend to ask for ratings (from 1 to 5) on about 4 questions and then have a text box asking them what was the one thing they really liked about the service – BANG…..this is your review. In the early days, I got all my reviews this way and went from zero to 30 within about 2 months!
  5. Include a message on your invoice – Finally, use your invoices! We all invoice our clients and they read them so why not use the real estate on the invoice to ask for a review – add something like “Loved our Service? Then please leave a review” and then include a link to your review platform

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