How to submit your posts, videos to Google

Google Submission Tricks

So let me ask you a question – do you Ping or do you Pong?

There is a very good reason for this and will become clear in a moment, but before I reveal your answer, what is currently preventing your online blog post and website success? Chances are is that you are not being found on Google for all your hard work.

You do all this work, create great articles and updates and yet something is missing, and you are not being found on Google. The thing is you need to keep reminding Google at least 3 times a week (minimum) that your article is there and ask them to index the page(s), and for many, this seems little more than a waiting game at best.

What if I was to tell you that there is a way that will get Google to index your pages the moment they are published and keep coming back every 2 to 3 days to re-index and check for updates?

The answer is you need to Ping and one of the best pinging online systems is a site called Pingler.

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It is a very easy to use online platform where you can add in your new page URL, the title of the article and then set how often Google is to index the page and then click submit – it really is that easy.

For WordPress users then a handy plugin is available which automatically submits the posts out once you make them live, but you will need a paid account which starts from only $3 per month and won’t break the bank account.

The free version will do for most user, but the paid version will keep the submissions going every 2 to 3 days otherwise you will need to manually do this yourself.



BONUS: The pinger works for Youtube videos as well. So when you post up a new youtube video to your channel, you can set the videos URL into Pinger and you are all set.

So if you are not pinging then you then must be ponging – take a look and try it out today and start getting your blog posts and your YouTube videos up the Google rankings.



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