How to get business from Facebook Groups

using facebook groups for business


You may have noticed a LOT of Facebook groups around these days, from buying and selling groups through to an influx of “networking” and business advertising groups.

The thing is these groups can work if you know what to do and how to interact with them, but take a look around them and all you will see is people looking for business and zero interest in your services. Again the key to any of these groups is VISIBILITY and there are some key ways to achieve this without looking desperate and without selling your services.

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3 mindsets to get started with

Identify your groups
Firstly before joining every group you can join, identify all the groups that you can possibly join. Note the group’s size and how often posts are being made on the group. Once you have listed out all the potential groups, then choose your top 3….that’s all! You will be focusing on these three groups only and no more.

The key to these groups is not how often you post and put up your information about your business, but how you interact with those within the group. Remember, the admins tend to take time when it comes to approving posts, yet commenting, liking and responding to posts is instant. Your profile is more visible and you start to build trust and relationships within the group

Post Content
Of course, you need to post content, but make it valuable content and not about the SALE. By posting valuable content into groups, you quickly establish yourself as the go-to “authority” on all topics related to your business.

Here are some Facebook post ideas that will help get your creative juices flowing on what content to post for your business!

  • Motivation Quotes
  • Take a users poll
  • Recommendations
  • Personal life story
  • Helpful hacks
  • Testimonials
  • Life lessons
  • Memes
  • Help me decide

It’s about getting your name all over the place and make sure your personal Facebook page is set up to accommodate those who will, in turn, look to visit your profile….more on that in my Facebook course

Tried any of these techniques? Let me know below how you got on and the results you got



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