Finding your brand personality

brand pesonality what is it

Identify what makes you different from your competitors can really add value to your business.

It is always difficult to stand out from the crowd and sometimes you have to do the opposite of what people are expecting to get noticed.

So ask yourself, what can you offer to your customers that your competitors can’t? Try to narrow down your UVP. Expand on this and incorporate the characteristics you want your brand to convey. 

Explore adjectives – Brand personality is a set of human characteristics that your customer will associate with your brand. Get playful with words and write a list of adjectives your ideal customer would use to describe your brand. Ie: honest, trustworthy, professional.

Know your audience – Your brand personality must resonate with your audience, so you need to know exactly who they are. Try to identify who your ideal customer would be. What do they like? Where do they hang out? What age range are they in? 

Set your tone – Your copy needs to reflect your brand personality. Set a tone that your audience will connect with, and make sure to stay consistent with it. If you jump from conversational to formal, you’re telling your customer that you’re not in tune with what they want. 

And on the note of copy, having a content writer is paramount these days for any website and the reason we now have a copywriter on our team!

Get visual – Once you have everything in place, you can start exploring the exciting world of visuals. Logos, graphics, colours and web design layouts all tie in with your brand personality, enhancing it further. Graphic design is especially useful for conveying a mood quickly, and in a way that the audience can react emotionally to.

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