Why you should Spring Clean your followers

culling your followers

So how often do you spring clean your social media? Strange I know and begs the questions should you be doing this or is it better to leave it as it is, as surely the more followers you have the better, right?

There is a logic behind this but also you need to look at how social media platforms tend to work with the number of followers to those being followed ratio and sites such as Twitter and Instagram have put in restrictions with Instagram currently only allowing you to follow a maximum of 7,500 people.

Sites such as Facebook and even Linkedin should always be considered when spring cleaning and it’s more than just looking at the ratio factor.

Consider this, that each person you follow and follows back is a potential connection, lead, network or follow of value in some aspect (depending on what their follow is worth to you).

To be able to get the maximum return on your time, then targeting and ensuring you have the right people in your network will allow you to get your message and brand across to the right people. Put it another way, it’s like trying to be a sniper using a shotgun. Yes you might hit the target but often you won’t and the target is missed or simply wounded.

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This concept ended up in an interesting conversation with a competitor. She proudly announced that she had over 10,000 people on her mailing list and I asked when was the last time she sent out a mail asking if the people wanted to be on the list or if they should be removed?

This is a great marketing strategy by the way, as you are getting those subscribers you have not connected to or had any work from to commit to staying on your list AND getting them ready for your new marketing campaigns, whilst removing old contacts and tire kickers.

Back to the story…the lady in question said she would never do anything like this as ALL the contacts on her list are dedicated clients (strange as she seemed to be struggling for work each month).


So I tried a different approach by explaining that if each email address was to cost her $1 a month to have, is she getting that return back for her mailing list?

To which she said that was a stupid concept and to prove it she said that she had a client who had not brought anything from her for three years but was still on her list and last week she purchased something for the first time.

So let’s get this right:

  1. She has a client that is buying something from her possibly every 3 years – is this really a client you would want?
  2. Her mailing system costs $20 per month so in 3 years she has spent $720 and this client (I was informed) spent a total of $90

The thing is by spring cleaning her list and working with this network (regardless if it is social media or mailing), you can work with those people you want to work with and with people who want to work with you.

So my question is this  – are you a sniper using a shotgun or someone who spring cleans their network?



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