5 questions clients ask me about website care plans

website care plan

Your website is your business tool and like all tools, they need to be managed and kept in working order so that they give you a finished product or solution.

And like any tool, your website is no different. It still needs to be backed up, updated, software updates, plugins, themes and of course security protocols need to be added in along with disaster recovery planning

You have invested a lot of time (and money) in to your website, so why leave it to chance that it will be ok and nothing will go wrong? More importantly if something did happen, what will you do to get it back online in the shortest time and cost effective manner?

Questions I’m often asked about website care plans.

  1. Why are care plans so important? – If you drive a car then you would have insurance. This is to ensure that if the worst happens and you have an accident, that you are covered from damage and injury. Of course, no-one wants an accident but these things do happen. 
    It’s the same with your website. The issue is that updates to systems and software happen almost daily now. Hacking is becoming more and more commonplace and a care plan ensures that if the worst happens your site is back up and running 100% in the shortest time possible (currently 10mins is the average we are doing).
  1. My website isn’t that big or complicated, do I still need a care plan? Yes. All sites need a care plan regardless of size or need. Remember your website in any format is your business tool. It is your silent salesperson on the web and if they go missing so does your voice. 
  1. Can’t I just run the updates myself?
    Yes, you can if you have the skills and knowledge, but IF something goes wrong what do you do? This happened to one of our clients who updated a plugin on their site and BANG took the site down and needed a rebuild.
    Likewise, time may be a factor – remember you need to do this daily. Another client manages their own site and recently asked me to check on something that was not working. When I looked I noted that they had not updated the site in over 5 weeks and this was the cause of the issues on their site! 
  1. It doesn’t seem that complicated, so what’s included in a care plan? There’s a lot of work involved in ensuring a clients site is fully managed. Have a look at what is carried out on our care plan page.
  1. Doesn’t my hosting company do that?
    Hosting companies are not website experts and most these days only offer a basic monthly backup to your site and that’s all. Take into account that your backup will be on the same server as your website, so if the server crashes you lose your website and your backups!

    Having a web designer who dedicates time to your website is worth spending on. 

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