5 Tips For Working With A Web Designer

5 tips working with web designer

Starting a new web design project can be pretty overwhelming. It can be difficult to know how to approach a project to ensure it is successful. After all, you’re putting your trust into somebody to do a good job with your time, and your money.

So what do you need to have in place to help a project run smoothly? 

Know what you want

When you first start working on a web design project, having a clear plan of action is vital. How many pages do you want designing? What features do you want your website to have? Do you need specific brand imagery and colours included in the design? Having a clear brief lets you and the web designer stay on the right page throughout the project.

Find a designer you can trust

Take the time you need to ask questions. See if their personality is a good fit for you. Read testimonials about them. Are they happy to answer questions? Avoid red flags like Pricing themselves far too low for the scope of work. Not asking questions etc

Have an action plan

Having a timeline in place is crucial for a project to run smoothly. Agree to specific milestones with your web designer so that each phase of the design process stays consistent. This also allows you both to check-in and make sure you’re happy with the progress so far. 

Have a clear budget

Agree on a budget with your web designer before you start any work. If you expect any additional features or changes that might be outside the initial scope of work, make sure you have agreed with your web designer that these will be quoted for separately. Don’t be tempted to go for the cheapest option. 

For example, we have an online calculator that allows the user to quickly get an idea of a site build from us and even adjust it on the fly to match their budget. A great way to see instantly what they can get without even having to write an email or pick up the phone.

Be prepared to give feedback

Feedback is the lifeblood of a good web design project. Try to ensure that you provide feedback on each step of the process. It helps you and your designer to stay on the right page.

We have taken this process one stage further. Once our sites are completed (and prior to launch), clients cna login and access the site. From here they have access to a project management tool that allows them to make comments /change requests directly on the site itself, reducing email trails and long word document lists.




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